Pavel Trusov Interview

Pavel Trusov Interview

Today we talk to the new breed boxer from Russia who won 2 kickboxing championships of Russia and 10 kickboxing championships of the region – Pavel Trusov.

1. When have you started your kickboxing training and what was the reason?

I was born in Russia, in Bryansk and started kickboxing at the age of 6. My parents instilled in me a love of sports and set me in the right way so I had my first tournament when I was only 8 years old. Sport taught me not to be afraid, go to the end, help people, and appreciate the help. As our life is a struggle, the sport will teach you to be strong and persistent, how to exercise and strengthen your mind.

2. Why did you choose Kickboxing over many other styles? What is it for you?

Kickboxing is an art and an incredible connection of arms and legs, which combines them into one single weapon. I met many interesting people, athletes, fighter but I do not want to stop at just one kickboxing. I want to be a universal athlete and develop myself in all directions. I also really love yoga, balance exercises, training and functional training.

3. You are the new breed of boxers, young and hungry, what is your dream title?

I really respect the old kickboxing school because it takes discipline and responsibility to be a valued athlete but I want to present a new school.

Sports anger and a keen mind should be at its core and we must accelerate our progress with all possible developments, all muscles in the body must be controlled and combined.

4. I sure you like Conor McGregor, what makes him the best MMA fighter on your opinion?

I uploaded on my YouTube channel video about Conor McGregor as an incredible fighter of mixed style. I really like this athlete, because he is the brightest fighter and at the heart of his style is freedom, freedom of action and movement. Every time he surprises everyone with his unusual training approach, this is insane.

5. What is your advice on developing speed and power?

The foundation for the development of speed and impact power is a special method. If your technique is perfectly honed, you need to use special exercises that increase your strength and speed. Practise much of stretching as stretching is your injury prevention and mobility. Apply bands as the band is a tool that creates resistance. You must prepare your thoughts for more rapid-power work to become a strong fighter.

6. What is Pavel Trusov team Kickboxing school?

The team of Pavel Trusov is my life project. I am Pavel Trusov, 2-time kickboxing championship of Russia and 10-time kickboxing championship of the Bryansk region. In 2008, I became the winner of the Russian Kickboxing Championship in Cherepovets, and in 2009 in Chelyabinsk.

I stopped my competitions career and I want to raise champions and share my knowledge. We strictly observe discipline but in an atmosphere of positive, respect and mutual understanding.

At the moment, our team has guys from all over the world. Personally, I train fighters in the city of Bratislava, but I also advise guys from other countries and cities. For example, not so long ago, I made a training plan for a kickboxer amateur from Morroco, and this year, perhaps, we will try our hand at the territory of Morroco.

7. Can you give some tips to beginners starting in kickboxing today?

First of all, you need to find yourself a competent trainer who will guide you and help you to draw up a training plan for you according to your goals. You must know and understand why you need it. Remember that health is the foundation of your workouts. With injuries and pain, progression will not work. Competent training hold is your sporting longevity.

8. Can you name three favourite fighters you follow and learn from?

I’ll try to single out three fighters from different martial arts. I really like the boxer Canelo for his sense of ring and the ability to see all the steps of an opponent. Badr Hari is the strongest kickboxer with an iron character. And of course Conor McGregor, as the strongest MMA fighter.

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